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In todays world everyone must have a website but a website is no good if no one can find you! Having a website with proper search engine optimization is crucial because it helps people find you when they use the major search engines.

 Here is a short video to better understand how Google works! 

Search engine optimization or SEO is as much art as it is science and involves making adjustments to both the content portion of your website (what your visitors see) and the html coding section (what the search engine robots or spiders see).

On-site search engine optimization helps provide the search engines like Google, AOL, Bing and Yahoo the information they need to match what your site has to offer to the person conducting an online search.  Having a highly optimized website will, over time bring you higher search engine rankings for your chosen keywords.

SEO Step One – Keyword Research Understanding and identifying the keywords that your potential customers “type in” is key to online success. In addition to these keywords, it is important to use a geo-local strategy to include town names near your business. This powerful combination should be the foundation for all your other lead generating traffic strategies as well.

SEO Step Two – Competitor Analysis A detailed analysis is conducted on your biggest competitors to see what strategies they may be utilizing to attain high search rankings. Understanding what your competition is up to will help us make more informed decisions in terms of SEO and other forms of online Internet marketing.

SEO Step Three – Website Optimization Now it’s time to put all the information gathered in the previous stages to work on your website.  Selected keywords are incorporated into the html coding (what the search engines see) and in the visible visitor content areas.  Meta tags, header tags, titles, descriptions, etc are all keyword optimized to attract the most attention from the search engines. Internal linking structure is also reviewed to make “spidering” easier for the search engines and your human visitors.

Some Examples of the Changes and/or Additions Made to Your WebsiteLocal-business-marketing

  • Html coding – Fix/adjust keywords, page titles, meta tags, header tags
  • Add anchor text where appropriate
  • Add your social media widgets or links
  • Add a “Share This/Bookmark” button
  • Add geo-local identifiers
  • Fix any broken links
  • Add a Google map to the “Contact Us” page
  • Optimized navigation link text will be placed in the appropriate sections of the site
  • Optimized content to include keyword rich phrases
  • XML Sitemap Creation – makes it easier for search engines to index your pages

This program is customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of each client. Pricing is therefore determined after an initial consultation.