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Carleton Marketing Services

Carleton Marketing Services is dedicated to your Internet Marketing Success! Let us help you create a professional website that will help your customers find you before they find your competitors. Whether it’s building a website or optimizing your site, we can help you succeed in marketing your business, growing your business and making more money! Whether you are just starting off or you’ve been around for years, an optimized professionally designed website is crucial for your small business to succeed.  When people are looking for your services or products, your website will most like be he first thing they see.  A professional designed and optimized website creates the best user experience for your customer, makes people more likely to find you, and gives you an opportunity to get high quality leads! A website makes you look professional and an optimized website enables people to find you before they find your competitors.  Times are hard and everyone is on a budget, which is why our prices are fair and affordable for everyone!

Why is SEO Crucial to Success?

  • Users that Click on Organic Search 70%
  • Users That Ignore Paid Ads 80%
  • Consumers use Search Engines for Purchase Decisions 89%
  • Users Don’t Go Past Page 1 90%
  • Users that Start With a Search Engine 93%



I contacted Jason when I started my business to create a website for me. I had heard great reviews about him and all of them were true. Not only did he build me exactly what I wanted, he also helped me understand more about SEO and general website lingo:) I used him when I lived in the same town as him and I countinue to use him even though I moved far away. I can trust that he will get everything done correctly and in a timely manner. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for his expertise!

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